Deluxe rooms

The Lobby – The ground-level lobby with its Ottoman-style architecture and Oriental decorations offers coffee, tea, and Internet, contributing to the friendly atmosphere.

Floor 1 – This beautifully decorated floor consists of four rooms, an outdoor courtyard, a wide salon, and a Venice-style balcony overlooking the Bishop’s Square. Each room has a private bathroom.

Floor 2 – There are four rooms containing a fully furnished kitchen and a Venice-style balcony, overlooking the Bishop’s Square and Nazareth’s famous Old City. Its colorfully decorative floor tiles and vintage windows contribute to this floor’s beauty. The floor has two shared bathrooms.

The Ottoman Suite – This large ground-floor suite consists of a beautiful Ottoman-style vaulted sleeping room and sitting area. It includes a private bathroom.

The Family Suite – This annex suite consists of two floors, a double bedroom on the ground floor and a cozy attic-style room above that can accommodate up to four people. The suite has its own bathroom.

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