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Nazareth, a bustling city of 80,000 inhabitants, is the largest Arab city in Israel, and the economic and cultural center for the Galilee’s Arab population. There is far more to Nazareth than simply churches – though, of course, there are many celebrated ones to be found here.


Visitors will also want to soak up the atmosphere of the place that shaped Jesus' character: walk through the quaint alleys of the Old City; visit the markets; meet local residents; visit Nazareth Village, a re-creation of Nazareth and its culture as Jesus would have known it; sample the food in more than a dozen top restaurants; and taste Nazareth’s famous desserts and sweets in cafes on the main street.


Nazareth lies at the southern end of the Galilee Mountains, overlooking the Jezreel Valley. All the region’s main attractions are nearby and can be easily visited as a day or half-day trip: the Crusader city of Acre, the modern port of Haifa and the Bahai Gardens, Tiberias and the Sea of Galilee, Megiddo (the Biblical site of Armageddon), the ancient holy city of Safed, the Golan, Mount Tabor (site of the Transfiguration), and the Roman sites of Beit Shean. 

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